Private Family Mediation Jersey - Family Dispute Resolution and wider ADR services

A private, rapid and cost-effective alternative to the courts or tribunal for successful conflict resolution.

We provide informal and formal alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services that enable organisations and individuals in conflict to create fresh solutions to tough problems, that allow them to rapidly move on.

A local, flexible, modern and friendly approach with UK and International experience

Private. Effective. Accessible. Rapid.

To contact us in complete privacy

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Types of Dispute


Alternative Dispute Resolution leads dispute resolution between Shareholder/Board, Employee and Employer, formal Union disputes, change management and internal organisational conflict resolution. We also specialise particularly in large scale dispute resolution in organisational teams. Email Us


All arenas have a connection with the family, and of course their is often dispute between family members; we resolve conflict arising in the family context including separating families, revising access arrangements, parent/teacher, doctor/patient, LGB, Inter-generational, healthcare, inheritance and probate. Email Us

Commercial / Contractual

Any dispute arising in commercial contracts or agreements including Financial, Trust, Insurance and Professional breaches, Contract and pre-litigation as required by the Courts, Property, Building, Environmental, and including Adjudication for RICS and JeCC. Email Us


Any dispute arising in the Community including bad neighbours, retail, consumer and ombudsmen, public service and a wide variety of general dispute. Email Us

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